I spent part of last week at the Las Vegas Summer Market, the largest furniture, home, and gift show in the west. It was lovely to wander the showrooms and vendors for decor, furniture, and style inspiration. With over 3,000 vendors and 5 million square feet of show spaces, there definitely was much to be seen. 

I spotted several design trends for 2016 and I wanted to share one of my faves - oversized filament lighting. Beautiful and simple large glass orbs with intricate filament styles were on-hand in many of the showrooms. I love the pairing of multiple large pendants together as well - creating a gallery vibe. 

Lighting is such an important design element in your home. Making sure you have a range of wattage options will allow you to create different moods in your space. One quick tip - light your corners, an area that is often overlooked. Your home will have even more harmony and lightness and will make you feel comfy and relaxed. 

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