I am starting a new series to share my home makeover. I've lived in my new home for over a year now and have been creating a true home to #livehappy in with my lil ones (2.5 yr old and rescue pup). My global goal is a comfortable, warm and inviting space. My personal goal is to a space to create and experience fresh design moments that are thoughtful and worthwhile. One of my current projects is making over my master walk-in closet and you are coming along for the ride. 

When I built this home, I put my $ in certain amenities and upgrades that made the most practical sense. The "I'll-tackle-that-someday-later" list was long but accessible. I've knocked out a few, including wallpaper additions, temporary backsplash ideas and loft design for my daughter. Up now is my personal space. The master closet was on my "tackle later" list and I am ready.

I removed the standard wire racks so now I have 2 open walls to use. I don't need more hanging space so I'll be using 2 white bookshelves to add more storage space for shoes, bags, accessories. To add some warmth, I selected and cut-to-size a light wood to place on the shelves. As I am designing the storage space and layout, I am also deciding on the style. I want to use a combo of paint and wallpaper to make my space feel wonderful. Above are 4 looks I am thinking about. More to come on this project and I look forward to sharing this project as I go.

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