I recently discovered Atlantic // Pacific, a fashion blog by Blair Eadie. What I love most about her pretty style are the color combos highlighted through her OOTD posts. And ever since I spotted this pink striped and palm leaf ensemble, I have had  pink and green on my mind.

With that, of course, I had to pull interiors out of it (see below). Pink and green is one of my fave color combinations. There's something soft, comfortable and easy about it with a fun and mischievous vibe to match. And with a spectrum of tones to pull from, creating a room with these color complements is actually pretty easy. 

Adding pink through your wall color. I suggest a very light shade like Behr's Opulent Opal or Pink Mirage. Now your pink color will act as a neutral design foundation. Other ways to add pink - through decor, like this pretty rose and lucite upholstered bench, these moroccan throw pillows

Adding green through the natural design accent of banana palm leaves is the perfect accent moment. Consider using the leaves, themselves, or just pulling the green color through accent pieces like throw pillows and decor. 

Inspiration outfit * Blair Eadie

Bronte Restaurant * Design Research Studio

Laura's Front Room * A Beautiful Mess

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