While I love several design styles, I tend to lean towards design with a minimalist focus. So when I discovered the pretty Kitty Burns cafe space (thank you, Instagram), they had me at first "like". At first glance, I wanted to know more and see more.

The idea was to create a "home away from home" and the super clean lines easily champion the a whimsical pitched-roof design carried throughout the space in scale. The talented design team, Biasol, wanted to really capitalize on the ceiling height while also offering intimate seating moments through a series of 3 larger areas.  

Gorgeous lime-washed walls, rose gold lighting, living walls and a smart cement floor throughout also allows customers to admire the beautiful and colorful food. It's almost as if the designers created a very neutral yet appealing space to showcase the pastel array of culinary options, including edible flowers and thoughtfully plated goodness. (Love how they offer their chia seed dishes with rows of food accents.) Now all I have to do is hop a flight to Melbourne to enjoy in person. #TakeMeAway #TravelToDesign

Read and see more images here and here.

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