Fashion industry folks are true mavens. Creators. Innovators. Forecasters. They seem to read between the culture lines to see what select groups are doing, thinking, feeling, enjoying, not enjoying, leaning towards and then they create clothes and collections around that. I recently reread Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point which discusses these mavens. Their interests ultimately tip months or years later to the masses and then weave into our every day lives, in particular, in design and decor. #yes

One fashion house that exudes maven-ness to the max is Fendi. Since 1925, the fashion house has created magical and avant garde fasion experiences. So when celebrating #90YearsofFendi, why would they stop? Enter...the Trevi Fountain. Fendi was able to secure one of Rome's 284-year old sculpted landmarks for their runway backdrop. With the fountain lit beautifully and as if the models were floating on water, they walked the glorious fountain over a plexiglass runway. The gorgeous gowns were on display with textures and colors like cream, rose, coral, blue and more. You can read more about the workmanship of the 46 creations and be sure to bookmark it in your mind - we may see these styles in an ottoman or fabric soon. #love

Want to see the majestic show in action and more stories about Fendi's 90th celebration? Head over to Fendi 90 Years for the whole show AND a 360-viewing option too #VR

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