A few summers ago, I had the pleasure of traveling through Italy with my mom. What a special trip! We did city, country and sea and everything in between. Of course, "everything was my favorite part" but I think Florence and the countryside of Tuscany truly was and still is. Just. Wow. Endless living-in-a-picture moments to experience that included colors, architecture, food, wine and limoncello. And then more limoncello. 

I recently read a lovely feature in the New York Times T Magazine about this gorgeous farmhouse from the Middle Ages (yes, way back then) and couldn't not share it with you. It literally whisked me away to Tuscany. Just. Wow. Currently occupied by artist Fiona Corisini de San Giuliano, her husband and her brood of 6 children, the quite eclectic and rich design and color palette truly draws you in. A feeling of ultimate comfort meets a bit of whimsical intrigue, as if you can discover a new secret around every corner.

If you need me, I'll be wanderlusting here for the rest of the summer.  

See more pretty style and read more about the farmhouse and landscape renovation as well as the family right here

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