If you've been scrolling through your fave design lover's IG feed or you've been watching their Snapchat stories - then you've seen them. Those pretty pink lil guys making appearances in decor and design. Quite honestly, I couldn't be happier. Pink flamingos instantly put a smile on my face and I love seeing how designers and creative artists are reimagining them in decor. I rounded up a few of my current favorite items and ideas for you along with my 2 best style tips:

Flamingo pink - as an accent color in a neutral space.
Add the pretty pink to a more even toned room through artwork or a pillow.
Consider the other colors in your space and create a harmonious vibe. 

If you are looking to create a focal point in a room then using a pattern is a great way to accomplish this.
Loving the two wallpaper options in photos 1 and 2.
Small spaces, like a bathroom, totally thrive with 360-wallpapering (even the ceiling!)
Of course and as always, I say go for it! Design what you love. 

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