I'm a fairly early adopter to social having started my first blog in 2008 and joining twitter in 2009, etc. I think what I love MOST about these platforms is the opportunity to discover creative people that you may otherwise not. They truly are platforms in every sense of the word and clicking through various profiles can be quite an exciting digital adventure and bring a lot of joy. The same joy that I think is important when creating your home, the reason I want to be a designer.

This is exactly how I felt when I discovered Hedy Yang's instagram. She is a young clay artist that uses a technique called "bubble glazing" to design and create unique patterns on ceramic pottery. I'll let you enjoy the discovering her though her work and this lovely video above. Definitely click over to her IG and see more of her amazing and thoughtful work.

You can visit her instagram here and her Etsy shop to buy these gorgeous goodies here. 

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