(A few BEFORE shots of the plain white IKEA desktop)

I've been taking my time while making over my home office. I wanted to see how I was using my space so I could create a design that worked best for me. I noticed that my current desk was too narrow for how much work and time I was using it so I decided to buy a new desk. I didn't want to spend that much $ since this space is fairly transitional. IKEA to the rescue. For just $45, I bought a new desk - top and legs.  Not only was it affordable, perfect for what I need but a good palette for a DIY. #IKEAHackForTheWin

I love a good DIY. But let's be honest, often I'll get to Step 3 of 10 and just throw in the towel. When I do DIY for myself, I try to make it 3 - 5 steps and a day or less of time bc life is busy, right?! Putting down the DIY tools may mean not picking them back up for weeks, months so I knew I had to make this desk makeover simple, fast and easy yet a complement to my current design.

I had bought a roll of gorgeous malachite-inspired contact paper several years ago and had some left over so that's what I used. I also had some gold paint (I mean, what lifestyle design blogger gal doesn't keep gold paint on hand at all times!? :) and some brushes. I glued the contact paper to the desktop and did 2 coats of gold metallic paint. Several heavy coffee table books helped to take out any air bubbles while the paper was drying. I then used an exacto knife to trim the excess paper. I may get a piece of custom glass cut for the top in the future but for now, this works beautifully. A secret note - I glued the paper to the BOTTOM of the IKEA desk and kept the white top in tact for 2 reasons - 1) in case I didn't like it and 2) so I could use the white side again if/when I wanted to. 

Overall, I am super happy with the desk. It was super affordable, easy and looks great in my space. Basically it is the perfect example of my idea to always #LIVEHAPPY. 

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