Oh la la have you seen the brand-spanking new Etsy HQ in Brooklyn? I am just loving the look and vibe and everything in between. Making the very thoughtful design decision to adhere to LEED standards and eco-friendly quality, Etsy also took it a step further by adapting much of their new space to the Living Building Challenge's criteria. 

"A certification created by the International Living Future Institute in Seattle,
the challenge pushes environmentally friendly design further by setting ambitious requirements for energy and water usage as well as for all materials entering a space."

The potential for this new standard of green building is evolving and very exciting as the "smart home" concept is coming into its own. With so many opportunities to incorporate the Living Building definitions and expectations for design, Etsy has committed to embracing as much as possible, including clean energy and sustainable materials. Click here to read the full piece that describes this exciting venture into green smart spaces. So much more to come and I can't wait to see it unfold. 

Images via Huffington

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