I have always loved stripes. The contrast and the complement of colors, the clean lines, the cohesive form. When I got my first apartment in Los Angeles in early 2000, I was inspired by Todd Oldham's bright striped studio in domino mag to paint my kitchen the same yellow and orange. So when I recently came across the coastal town of Costa Nova, Portugal, I was basically looking up travel options for getting there to see the spectacular stripes in person. (I am not kidding :)

Costa Nova is a small beach and river town near Aveiro in Central Portugal (about 2.5 hours north of Lisbon). It's quaint, it's quiet and almost every house facing the river is striped with a candy color and white. #yes It certainly looks like a lovely sight to see.

Images via MessyNessy "24 Hours in Aveiro, The Candy-Colore "Venice of Portugal"

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